Are you ready to “Bring It”

A scalable business is a beautiful thing. One day you are behind on rent and eating ramen noodles and the next day you are shopping for a larger home with a view.  Nothing less than steak and lobster will do now. Life can go from zero to a hundred real quick as a business owner. (and back to zero)

So… what is a “scalable business”, and how do you start to build one?

I have learned from these lessons first hand and can mentor/coach you to avoid the ups and downs in your business.

#1 Bring on the customers!

Some say you really don’t have a business until you have employees. If not, you just have a new job. So to scale your business you need more work to do. You need to have 90+ hours of work for a 40 hour work week to justify bringing on someone else. So… if you want more customers, you need to;

#2 Bring on the marketing!

You need a lead source that is a routine day in and day out. I am not taking about referrals, blogs, or calling friends and family that drip in once in a while. You need a fire hose of new potential customers. In this case, you will probably need to spend some serious money. So… if you want more marketing, you need to;

#3 Bring on the paperwork???

This means you need to automate everything. You need processes and procedures in place. Everything from marketing/sales, inventory, and accounting just to name a couple. In order to truly scale, the business needs to work 24 hours/7 days week – without you getting in the way.

#4 Think Big!

It used to be that becoming a millionaire was a big deal. Recently, the goal is to become a “Unicorn” as a successful startup company with a value of over $1 Billion. There is even talk at companies called “Unicorn” for companies over $10 Billion. – What does that mean to you? How can your business help and touch as many lives around the world as possible.

#5 Start Small

Businesses typically have limited resources when they start. Most still start in their garage, or in Starbucks in today’s world. Just get started and see where it takes you. Find a partner, spouse, kids or even extended family and friends that are willing to help you in the early years. – What does that mean to you? Consider shared spaces. For example, find a business incubator or shared office space. Look for opportunity’s like coffee shop in a retail store, or selling your flowers at someone else’s register checkout.

#6 Move Fast

To Grant Cardone  style your business the “10x rule” way is to grow so fast that you currently couldn’t handle it. Find someone that motivates you who has already done what you want to do. Look for a mentor/coach that can help you come to decisions faster. Network yourself or find someone who has a network already that you can tap into to make introductions. Creating an expect team so you are not alone and trying to do it all yourself. If you don’t ask for help, nobody will offer.

Work smarter. Welcome to the 1% club.