During the early years of my entrepreneurial journey, I have made plenty of blunders. While starting a business out of basically nothing the accomplishments truly outweighed the struggles. As the business grew so did the growing pains associated with lightning-fast growth. My sense of organization and project management skills were finally going to be utilized.


You don’t need to have a secret competitive advantage to sustained growth, I believe, it can be achieved by being focused on daily operations. To create a great process, the management team of every company should be focused on three core areas:

  • Daily  Execution:

The managers should be actively involved in the details of project management, and delegate important tasks to ensure employee growth.

  • Training:

Organizations should be focused on providing the tools and training from the start in anticipation of growth. Developing operations processes and manuals are an essential key.

  • Communication:

By establishing and cultivating the culture of your company, the managers should be prepared to communicate with all team members no matter the social styles. People crave order, and therefore it is imperative to set expectations and accountability measures up from the beginning. Senior management must never abdicate their roles to employees, they must always be aware through accountable delegation to avoid disaster.